LACW is committed to supporting our clients to get bail and stay out on bail. This is how women keep their kids and their housing. It’s also how a sentencing court can see what a woman can do with case management support.

See the attached article regarding the rising numbers of unsentenced prisoners swelling Victoria’s prison capacity and sucking tax payer dollars.

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  1. I remember when bail changes were being brought in, I was happy about it, having had an ex-husband be granted bail multiple times when I had hoped he would not be. I did not even think for a second that these changes would affect women! It is a real shame that bail changes, brought in because of violent men (Sean Price -I think) are having an impact on women. The terrible irony of this is that the changes were done to protect women.
    It would be really good in our society, if we could consider the ramifications and plan and consider before acting: like for example, acknowledge that females commit few violent offences and are not dangerous and should not be missing out on bail because of what violent men have done.

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